Using to Expand Your Fashion Style

Using to Expand Your Fashion Style

When we talk about fashion we often think about wearing trendy shoes, shirts, belt, ties or purses. However, no one thinks about phone cases when they hear the word fashion. That’s because as it stands today, there is no solution for customizing phone cases based on your daily needs.
Sure, you can purchase multiple cases for $30 that each has a different design, but who has the time or money for that?

The real solution for custom-design cases is the is a special cut clear case that snaps on over your phone. Before snapping the case onto your phone you can insert any designed insert you’d like.

The online designer lets you create as many inserts as you’d like. Add photos, text and filters, then order your insert and use it with your phone. The online designer filters work just like Instagram filters work. There are six filters in total although more are on the way.

Why This Case Makes Sense

Using the makes more sense than any other case out there. Whereas printed cases cost $30+ and can’t be customized, the Eye Edition clear case and insert combo only costs $14+. Once you have the clear case, you can purchase more inserts for only $5 without having to buy another case.

If you purchase an case with a custom design you can also download that design via a digital wallpaper for $1. This allows you to customize the back of your phone and the front to achieve a consistency unprecedented by other cases.

If you’re planning on having an important business meeting, then you can just slip in your business’s logo into your phone’s case. Similarly, if you’re going to the beach then you can also customize your phone to match your surroundings.

If you want to match your phone with your clothes, you can do that as well. You could even take a photo of your clothes’ pattern and create an insert to wear them out together. Imagine how neat it would be to be wearing a tie that matches your phone’s rear design.
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With the wallpaper design addition, you could also make the front of your phone match the rear case design.

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