www.mycaseface.com is the Future of Corporate Phone Branding

www.mycaseface.com is the Future of Corporate Phone Branding

www.mycaseface.com is a great case to give to friends and family because the design can be customized with a personal photo or quote. It’s also a great case to use alongside a fashion style.

However, what you might not realize right away is that www.mycaseface.com is also perfect for corporate branding.

Imagine how professional a business would look if anytime an employee used their phones, their phone would be consistent and display the business’s logo. Any business, from a local electrical company to a marketing firm, could benefit from the extra publicity.

Today employees wear suits to signify they are professional. Depending on the business, there are certain branded uniforms have to be worn on the job as well. Imagine if a business took it to the next level and branded employee phones as well. It would really help the branding of the business with a minimal investment into the cases.

When a business would purchase a case for their employees they could also purchase a matching digital wallpaper download. This would allow businesses to brand not only the exterior of phones, but also the interior for maximum consistency.

Why www.mycaseface.com Cases Are a Must For Businesses

Maybe the custom branding isn’t enough for businesses to justify spending money on purchasing their employees www.mycaseface.com cases. However, business should consider this fact: most businesses pay for their employee’s phones. Even if employees break their phone and they have to pay for a replacement, they will still be out of reach while the phone is broken. Merely adding cases to these phones would diminish the chances of the phones being destroyed on accident.

Moreover, if an employee broke their phone and continued to use it in public with clients it would look unprofessional. Cases protect employee phones from accidents and also brand them at the same time.

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