If You’re A Designer Then You Can Earn $ Money With Us

If You’re A Designer Then You Can Earn $ Money With Us

If you’re a Designer, it’s time to put My Case Face to work for YOU! 

Use your existing artwork or designs, or create personalized artwork that our customers can order for their phones.
Either way, you’ll earn a % percentage of every sale.

We’ll produce your art as a customized INSERT, an interchangeable, pre-printed design card that nestles perfectly in the back of the My Case Face clear case.
Together, the INSERTs and case make up the two-part My Case Face system:  durable, flexible, and easy to customize with infinite possible variations.

Joining our Designer community, you’ll get exposure for your work while it’s earning.  Set up a Designer Affiliate account, showcase your best work, and then sit back as we track your orders.
Real-time accounting lets you create fun variations on your hottest designs.

We do all the marketing -and our products practically sell themselves.  Since all our INSERTs are flexible, durable, waterproof, and instantly swappable to suit any mood, customers usually order more than one along with their first case.  Plus, buyers who love your work can commission you to create custom INSERTs just for them.

My Case Face Designers Affiliate Program: All the flexibility of our products themselves… in a fun marketplace that’ll earn you money and exposure!

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